Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Lesson In Interpersonal Communication

I am stressed tonight. I have my yearly review for work tomorrow and there is an issue that has been on the table for over a month now. I am worried that this issue is going to come up in my review and negatively impact my performance therefore lowering my raise.

It all started when one of the interpreters called me to let me know (AKA tell me off) about a case that they were not paged. This case had more hours than the one they had been previously assigned to therefore giving them more money. I am going to be honest about this interaction and say that I know I was not very polite with said interpreter on the phone which is mistake number one.

SIDE NOTE: Here is a little background on the situation. I do try to keep interaction between us to a minimum because I don't appreciate the way that they treat me. I am repeatedly interrupted, talked over, and spoken to in a very abrupt manner by this individual. There has not been a single conversation with this person where I felt like they heard what I had to say and that is very frustrating to me.

OK... Back to the story. So after this phone conversation, I was then sent THREE emails by this interpreter to prove that what I was saying was wrong. Mistake number two: I then replied to one of those emails. I started off by first apologizing and acknowledging that I was wrong. I then went on to offer a suggestion on how this misunderstanding could have been bypassed. I also suggested in the future they take responsibility for the part of it that they had control over. This email was very well crafted and polite. I did ask a question in the email that required a response and CC'd my boss and the interpreters supervisor. Two weeks or more pass and the interpreter then sends a response that is THREE typed pages long. Most of this email attacks me and calls me such things as power hungry, a poor listener, and a liar. I did not respond to this email and in fact to this day have not read it word for word; I have only skimmed it. I am letting my boss and the supervisor handle the situation.

So why does this make me nervous? The answer to this question is simple, because I was disrespectful on the phone in the beginning and didn't drop it after that. I admitted to my boss that I was disrespectful in my interaction over the phone. So I did own up for the part that was mine. But it doesn't make me worry any less that I was in the wrong and that it will affect my review.

I guess I will end by saying "Wish me luck" and "Here goes nothing".

(Rant officially over.)