Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have a term that I think should be added to the mainstream. This term describes an item that everyone has seen and once the term is fully explained, everyone will agree w/ the description. The term is "Fun Mom Shirt". This term describes something that should not be worn in public and especially not to an event where there will be youth.

Let me start to shed light on this subject and tell you about this terms inception. My sister and I were seeing The Fray at the U of M a couple years ago. So it was your typical college concert in that there were college aged women in ripped jeans or mini skirts and guys who looked like they had just woken up and walked out of their dorm room. We had arrived late to the show and the opening act, Aqualung, was almost finished with their set. We found our seats and proceeded to listen to the last song before they were finish. (Which was "Brighter Than Sunshine" and it is sick that I remember that.) Once this song was over, the auditorium lights came up and sitting two rows ahead of us was a "Fun Mom Shirt". This was the first time my sister and I coined the phrase and it is something we have been enlightening others about ever since.

Now typically, a women ranging from 45-50 years of age, or the "Mom" age range, is who would be seen wearing this type of fashion misfortune. It can be short or long sleeved shirt and typically has an airbrushed scenic view on it. For example, a table at a cafe in Paris. Then in certain places, such as the rose that is in the vase on the cafe table or the Eiffel tower in the background, there are lovely jewels and bits of glitter. It is a shirt that, when the women was getting dressed for the concert or event, she looked into her closet and thought to herself, "Well thats a fun shirt!". This shirt is typically worn under a Jean Jacket w/ Khaki's or Jeans. Now, this descriptions does not begin to cover the shirts many forms. It is a shirt that will continue to be mocked by younger generations for its sheer ridiculousness. It is a shirt that after having seen it you really did know exactly what they were thinking, but you still ask, "What were they thinking?".

I hope this brief definition helped shed some light on this phrase and I hope that you will help me in drawing attention to the epidemic that is the "Fun Mom Shirt". Please use this term to describe this shirt when you see it walking down the street or at the grocery store.