Saturday, April 11, 2015

Life As I Know It

     When you think about a year and look ahead to all of the things to come it doesn't seem to be that long.  How is it possible then, to look back on a year and think of all that has happened, and have it seem like it was an eternity in length?  So much has changed for me in just one year that I am shocked, even astounded, that I am still standing.  

    2014 is a year that I can say, without hesitation, I would not want to live through again.  I am deeming it "The Year of Change".
  • I had my first actual health concern - and it was a scary one that required my first surgery
  • My family grew, with my younger sister getting married (a bright spot in the craziness)
  • My 8 year relationship ended (this is eerily similar to my own story) and I have been working on finding myself again - GO ME!!
  • My Grandmother, who was one of the reasons I laugh, passed away

     So to say that 2014 was a year of change feels like an understatement.  Every aspect of my life is different than it was at this same time last year. But, there two things that have stayed constant - I have a voice, and people that care about me.  I have found that these are the things that actually matter; and because of that, I really want to share my thoughts with the people who matter to me. 

So... Here it goes.

Thought of the day:

     One of the things that I found in the middle of all of the insanity of last year was Ben Howard.  I was talking to my Dad about him, and he asked, "Is he singing your soul?"
To which I just laughed because it was such an ex-hippy thing to say.  But I later realized he was doing just that.  When I listen to his lyrics, I know I am not so alone in my situation.  With that having been said, I will leave you all with this little nugget of hope and the reminder to "keep your head up, keep your heart strong" no matter what is going on.  It's a reminder that helped me realize that I am stronger than I ever imagined I could be and has helped me continue to push through.

P.S.  I am hoping this will be one of a very few "serious business" posts that I have for a long while.  Debbie Downer has left the building!!