Monday, June 20, 2016

My Dad and the Dragon

Today has been a rather exciting day for me.  One of my photos (the image above) ended up on the website.  It's the first time I have ever had any of my photos promoted by anything remotely official.  The fact that they used this image makes me so excited because I have always had an obsession with this tower.  Ever since I was a young girl living in the W 7th St area I have loved driving over the high bridge and seeing it.  It signified that I was home after the long road trips my family would often take and made me excited for my own bed.  My Dad would also sometimes let my sister and I tell him how to get home using the brewery as our navigational starting point.  From that point forward it was then our job (depending on who's turn it was) to tell my Dad where he needed to go and which direction he needed to turn.  If we told him to turn the wrong way he would go the way we told him to so that we would then have to correct our route instructions.  I like to think that this was the first version of GPS available. The child navigational system.

Today though, I was reminded of a story that my Dad used to tell about a different tower.  It's a story about the old NSP tower that used to be down by the river.  That tower also has been cemented into my childhood memories.  As you can see my Dad is very creative and because of this he is also a very good story teller.  At bedtime he used to tell my sister and I a story he made up about a dragon that lived in the NSP tower. In this story there was a princess that had been captured by the evil dragon that lived in the tower.  He had stolen her from her home and taken her to the top of the tower where he was holding her captive.  The prince heard of the princess' capture and immediately jumped into action.  He knew that he was not going to be able to defeat the dragon on his own so he called upon a wizard friend of his to help him out wit the dragon.  The wizard suggested that they also call upon the trees.  The tree that was across the street from the house that I grew up in came to life and helped the wizard and the prince save the princess.  The dragon was then forced to live out the rest of his days alone and in the top of the tower. That story was my favorite story growing up and I think I ended up asking to hear it every night.  Every time it got cold enough that you could see the smoke coming out the the tower my sister and knew that it was the dragon up there still longing for his princess.

We ended up moving out of that house when I was about 10 years old and the tower has since been knocked down.  I'm not even sure if the tree is even still around.  But, in my imagination the prince has always looked just like my Dad.